Played by:
Carrie Genzel

Vestra is a leader of the Omadrian canton.

In Template:103, Flash approaches the Omadrians' village to find a cure for Nick's joybug infection. Vestra has Flash tied up, and threatens him with castration. She releases him when he offers to steal the Urn of Omadria back from Ming's Chamber of Archives. As the Omadrians are no friend to men she awaits the day when Princess Aura will be named Empress and encourages her to start thinking like one.

In Template:118, it is revealed that Vestra is the mother of Aura and Terek.

In Revolution Parts One and Two Ming captures her and forces her to drink Grey Water while imprisoned, in order to turn her into a Deviate; an act that could not be traced back to Ming the Merciless. In the end Vestra is saved by her daughter Aura.


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