Turan is a character seen in the film serial Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940).

Little is known about Turan other than that he is a captain in Prince Barin's army in the kingdom of Arboria on the planet Mongo. When Flash Gordon returns to Mongo in an effort to save Earth from the Purple Death which is being spread by Ming's death dust, Turan is one of the men whom Barin frequently calls on to take part in various missions.

There is no doubting Turan's loyalty and bravery. He is honorable enough not to go along with General Lupi's suggestion of deserting Flash Gordon in order to ensure a swift and safe return to Arboria following a raid on Ming's palace. And he puts up considerable resistance despite being hopelessly outnumbered when an ambush is sprung in a bid to kidnap Princess Aura, following her betrayal by Sonja.

Perhaps Turan's failure to prevent Aura from being taken reflected badly on him, for he is sometimes excluded from subsequent missions. On one such occasion he gamely volunteers and looks surprised and disappointed when Flash turns him down on the grounds that the mission requires stealth rather than numbers.

It is assumed that Turan is a native of Mongo. However, the possibility remains that he may be the same Turan who appeared in the preceding film serial, Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars. In that serial Turan was a leader of the Forest People on Mars, who entered into an alliance with Ming and was hostile towards Flash and Barin. By the end of the serial it was said that Barin was assuming leadership of the Forest People, so it may be the case that Barin reformed Turan and that Turan then accompanied Barin on his eventual return to Mongo. This theory may also explain why Flash was reluctant to call upon Turan's services.

In Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, Turan was played by actor Edgar Edwards.

A minor character called Captain Turan did appear very briefly in the Flash Gordon comic strip in January - February 1939. He was one of Barin's soldiers who is framed for the attempted abduction of Barin's infant son, Prince Alan, by the real culprit Lingan, who is working for Ming.

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