Turan is the ruler of the Forest People of the planet Mars, and is seen in the 1938 serial Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars.

Few details are known about Turan. The Clay King believed the Forest People to be "strange race, but honest and powerful", but this may have been old intelligence given that the Clay People had, by then, been trapped in their cave dwellings for some time. Turan seems anything but honest, so either he had assumed control at some point after the Clay People knew them, or else his priorities had changed following the arrival of Ming the Merciless of Mongo on the planet Mars.

It is not known when or how Ming came into contact with Turan, but Turan seems loyal to Ming ahead of either Queen Azura or the great god Kalu. Turan seems more than willing to act against the benign parties of Flash Gordon, Prince Barin, and the Clay People on the instructions of Ming. It would seem likely that Ming promised Turan greater power in return for his assistance in conquering Mars. Queen Azura seems to have been unaware that there was ever any contact between Turan and Ming.

Turan was replaced as leader of the Forest People, temporarily at least, by Prince Barin of Mongo following the failure of Ming's attempt to wrestle control of Mars. It was not explained how the Forest People came to accept a change of leadership.

Turan was played by the actor Anthony Warde. Warde would play a more memorable adversary to Buster Crabbe the following year, namely "Killer Kane" in the 1939 serial Buck Rogers.


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