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Tigrons are sacred beasts of Mongo, trained to hunt people. Like the bloodhound of Earth, tigrons can be trained to follow scents, although they look much more like Earth tigers.

Comic strip

Flash Gordon and Prince Barin fight for their lives in "the two terrible tests", to avoid being executed for treason by Ming the Merciless. In the second test, Flash has to fight three snarling tigrons, barehanded. He snaps the first tigron's neck. The two remaining beasts, starving, fight over the carcass, leaving them both wounded and broken. [1]

The tigron of the comic strip has a large green horn growing from its head.


Princess Aura uses a tigron to hunt Dale Arden in the catacombs. Flash Gordon wrestles with the tigron and saves Dale. [2]

The tigron of the serials doesn't have a horn; it looks just like an Earth tiger.


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