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Roka is a character seen in the film serial Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940).

A Captain in the army of Prince Barin, Roka is a native of the region of Arboria on the planet Mongo. He first makes the acquaintance of Flash Gordon when the Earthman makes his second journey to Mongo in a bid to save the world from the threat of the Purple Death, caused by Ming's death dust. Barin formally assigns Roka to be Flash's aide during his stay on Mongo and Roka quickly proves himself to be an inspired choice. Brave, committed, useful in a fight, intelligent, and resourceful in tight situations, Roka becomes a valued member of Flash's team. He saves both Flash and Dr. Hans Zarkov from Ming's lethal destroying ray when they are trapped in the arena, and he buys vital time with his quick thinking to dupe Lieutenant Thong when Flash's presence is discovered in Ming's laboratory. With Flash and Zarkov busy elsewhere, it falls to Roka to rescue Dale Arden when she is about to be sacrificed by the Rock Men. It was also Roka who stopped Officer Torch from destroying Zarkov's newly-completed Nullitrion in Barin's laboratory.

Flash clearly values Roka's support and is always glad to have him in his team. Barin on occasions seems a little dismissive of Roka, perhaps wanting to ensure that his captains don't forget the chain of command.

Roka was played by the actor Lee Powell.

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