FGCTU Prof Arden



Professor Arden is a character seen in the film serial Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

Professor Arden is one of the world's leading scientists, who is assisting Lawrence Gordon (father of Flash Gordon) as part of an emergency think-tank to combat the emergency situation arising from the sudden outbreak of the so-called Purple Death.

Professor Arden's field of expertise is never revealed. In Chapter 304: The Destroying Ray it is revealed that he is the father of Flash's close companion Dale Arden. He frets when he hears that Dale has been taken prisoner on Mongo by Ming the Merciless.

Professor Arden appears only briefly in the serial. He shares no scenes with his daughter.

The character of Professor Arden was an invention of the film serial. In the original Flash Gordon (comic strip), Dale Arden is not given any background.

Professor Arden was played by the actor Tom Chatterton.

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