Vestra, leader of the Omadrians.

Omadrians are a canton of women on Mongo who specialize in making powerful medicines. They live in a village in the swamp forests.

Omadrian women consider men to be the source of violence and injustice. They "transform" men into peaceful drones, castrating them and removing their aggression. The drones serve quietly, and faithfully.

Omadrians are not welcoming of strangers; they lay deadly traps near their village to discourage thieves.

The Urn of Omadria is one of the canton's sacred relics; it contains the remains of their founding mother. Baylin stole the Urn from the Omadrians, for Ming's archives; he seized relics from all of the cantons, to keep them under his thumb.

Flash goes to the Omadrians in Template:103 to get a cure for Nick Gilmore's joybug infection. The Omadrians refuse to help, and threaten to turn him into a drone -- until he offers to retrieve the Urn for them.



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