Officer Torch is the captain of Ming the Merciless's guards. In Chapter 101: The Planet of Peril of the 1936 Flash Gordon serial; Torch arrests Flash Gordon, Dale Arden, and Dr. Hans Zarkov, and brings them to Ming, thus being the first intelligent extra-terrestrial encountered by an Earthman. Torch is later sent to lead an execution squad to terminate Flash Gordon's life, and is left confounded when the Earthman suddenly turns invisible,an effect made possible by Zarkov's new Light machine.

When Flash Gordon makes a return visit to the planet Mongo some years later, Ming is once again in control and Torch is still one of his Captains. In fact Ming describes Torch as his 'best officer and counselor'. Indeed, when Torch ends up being captured and held prisoner in Prince Barin's castle, Ming is particularly keen to find a way to have him returned unharmed.

Torch is entrusted with much responsibility by Ming, leading several critical missions such as taking a unit of Annihilatons to Frigia to prevent the mining of Polarite and taking a bomb to the Land of the Dead to prevents Zarkov's use of his Nullitrion device. Torch is head of what is often a trio of crack operatives acting against Flash Gordon, the other two members being Lieutenant Thong and Sonja.

Ultimately Captain Torch pays the price for his unwavering loyalty to Ming. He is one of those locked in the tower of Ming's palace when Flash Gordon aims the Z-O rocket ship at it, and is killed.

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