The mind tap is an interrogation tool used on Mongo. The hand-held device sends out blue beams from its two ports, which attach to the subject's skull. At the push of a button, information is drained from the subject's brain and stored in the device.

Used at maximum power, the mind-tap can turn the subject's brain to jelly, killing the subject instantly. Strong-willed subjects can sometimes ward off the device's devastating effects.

Ming and Rankol send a Patriot to Earth in Template:104 to extract information about rift technology from the two scientists working on the Portage Initiative -- Dr. Martin Landry and Dr. Mary Hiller. Both Landry and Hiller are killed by the device.

The Patriot loses the mind-tap in a fight with Flash and Baylin, but the device is later retrieved by a probe and returned to Mongo.

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