Maurice Franklin played Dr. Hans Zarkov in the 1935 radio serial The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon.

Franklin was an active New York-based character actor, appearing periodically on Broadway in such plays as Julias Caesar from 1906 until 1929. He soon transitioned to radio, and was often heard as elder statesmen or kindly advisors, particularly in legal dramas. His most notable stint was on the long-running series Mr. District Attorney (1939-1952), heard for many seasons as the narrator, known as "the Voice of the Law" (replaced in later broadcasts by Jay Josten). Other credits in this vein include Famous Jury Trials (1936-1949, as the judge), the soap opera Her Honor, Nancy James (1938-1939, as caretaker George Novack). A non-legal role was in another soap opera, Jane Arden (1938-1939), as publisher E. J. Walker. As late as 1951, Franklin continued to work in radio, playing episodic roles on the propaganda series This Is Our Enemy (a 1943 broadcast), The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1947), and Cavalcade of America (multiple times, from the 1940s through 1951).

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