Mars is the domain of Queen Azura in Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars.

A planet in the same solar system as Earth, within the mythology of the Flash Gordon serials it is a world with a breathable atmosphere, and with a gravity and temperature favorable to supporting human life. The inhabitants all speak American English.

Though Mars is nominally ruled by Queen Azura, it is populated by distinct factions, not all of whom are necessarily loyal to the monarch.

Most strongly opposed to Queen Azura are the Clay People, who inhabit underground caverns in the area known as the Valley of Desolation.

Elsewhere lies the Forest Kingdom, whose inhabitants the Forest People possess the black sapphire and are thus protected from Azura's magic power.

Undoubtedly other regions, unvisited by Flash Gordon and his friends, must exist. One such region may be the realm of the Dwarf People, who are mentioned by the Forest People.

The primary means of transportation on Mars is the Stratosled. Vacuum Cars allow for high-speed transportation of limited numbers of people. Long-range communication is achieved by means of a Televisor. The more primitive Forest People use Signal Trees.

Earth existed in peaceful ignorance of Martian life until it was subjected to an unprovoked attack by means of a devastating Nitron beam set up by Queen Azura following her alliance with the former ruler of Mongo, Ming the Merciless. This led to 2 separate bids to terminate this attack. First, a party from Earth itself, led by Flash Gordon, Dr. Hans Zarkov, Dale Arden, and Happy Hapgood. Second, by Prince Barin of Mongo. This precipitated a series of events which led to the death of Queen Azura, after which Mars came under the more benign rule of the Clay King, with Prince Barin taking a temporary leadership of the Forest People in an attempt to reconcile the opposing factions.


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