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Comic Strip

Captain Lupi is right-hand man to Count Korro in the army of Queen Fria, in the frozen region of Frigia on the planet Mongo. When Flash Gordon wins the favor of Queen Fria, Korro becomes jealous, fearing that the outsider will become King. Hoping to rid himself of Flash, Korro contrives a dangerous expedition and Lupi is one of those who goes along, but the scheme becomes complicated when Queen Fria also insists on being one of the party. When the party become trapped in a glacier filling with poison gas, Lupi is the first to lose his nerve. Flash engineers an escape, but Korro disowns Lupi for his show of cowardice. The disgraced Lupi tries to get his own back by telling Flash Gordon how the whole expedition was set up as part of an evil plot on Korro's part, but this fails to ingratiate him with the Earthman.

Lupi subsequently tries to murder Flash Gordon and Dr. Hans Zarkov by shooting a hole in their submersible. Prince Ronal sees this act and grapples with him. Both men are plunged into icy waters, and although Ronal is rescued in time, Lupi falls prey to a deadly glacier monster.

Film Serial

General Lupi is seen in the third film serial, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940). He is a valued member of the army of Queen Fria of Frigia, the frozen polar region of the planet Mongo. Such is his esteem that when he is captured and imprisoned by Ming the Merciless, Queen Fria is determined to rescue him and seeks the aid of Prince Barin of the Arboria region.

Her bid for assistance coincides with the return of Flash Gordon, Dr Zarkov and Dale Arden to the planet Mongo. The 3 Earth people are also guests of Prince Barin and Flash readily agrees to help rescue Lupi. A crack squad including Flash, Zarkov, Barin, Count Korro, Captain Roka and Captain Ronal succeed in rescuing Lupi just in time before Ming has him killed by a new strain of Death Dust developed by the fanatical scientist Janda. The escape from Ming's palace is not so easy for the rescue party. Lupi is among the first back to Barin's waiting rocket ship but the ungrateful Frigian is eager to fly off immediately without waiting for Flash or Zarkov. Roka and Turan refuse to leave until the remaining members of the party are safely back. Lupi is subsequently returned safely to Frigia, and plays no further part in the fight against Ming. Even though, as a Frigian, he has adapted to the unlivable conditions of the region, he offers no assistance when Polarite needs to be retrieved from there in order to save Earth from the Purple Death.

Portrayed by: Ben Taggart

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