Lieutenant Thong is one of Ming's more prominent soldiers, and an enemy of Flash Gordon. He appears in the third of the Flash Gordon film serials, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe.

Thong comes to the fore after Ming has Lieutenant Savin removed (and probably executed) for failing in his duty. Thong primarily assists Officer Torch, and is deployed on several critical missions for Ming including taking a unit of Annihilatons to Frigia to prevent the mining of Polarite, and taking a bomb to the Land of the Dead to prevent Dr Zarkov's use of the Nullitrion device.

Thong, with Torch and Sonja, is effectively part of a crack trio of operatives who prove a constant menace to Flash and his friends. When the trio are captured at one point and held prisoners in Prince Barin's kingdom, Flash mentions that Thong is the only one of the three likely to talk under interrogation, suggesting that the Earthman regarded him as a lesser threat than the other two. Nevertheless, it was Thong who managed to escape, and also later lead a raid on Barin's castle that saw Sonja successfully rescued and Dale Arden kidnapped.

Loyal to Ming until the last, Thong's position as one of Ming's "inner circle" effectively sealed his fate, and he was one of those killed in the tower of Ming's palace when Flash Gordon aimed the Z-O rocket ship at it.

Lt Thong was played by the actor Victor Zimmerman.

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