Keedish is a scientist who assists Flash Gordon in his fight against Ming the Merciless, and is seen Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940).

Keedish is employed as Head Scientist in the laboratory in Prince Barin's castle in Arboria. He proves particularly knowledgeable about metals such as Zoltranillium, and assists Doctor Zarkov in the preparation of materials to counteract deadly fire projectiles launched by Ming. Keedish also helps Zarkov assemble a Nullitrion in super-quick time, although the device never gets to be used.

A pleasant, mild-mannered character, Keedish's behind-the-scenes role in Barin's employ means he is a little out-of-touch with Ming's activities. For example, he is completely ignorant of the fact that Zoltranillium is being manufactured on Mongo, and also fails to recognize Ming's top soldier, Officer Torch, when he infiltrates his lab.

Keedish was played by the actor Harry C Bradley.

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