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Julah is an inhabitant of the planet Kkorbu a primitve world ruled by the Saban. A ritual turned her into a giant and she became the warrior known as the Golon. She also had a significant love interest with Flash Gordon. She appeared in the 1983 comic strips and she was created by Dan Barry.

Comic Strip

Julah lived in the countryside but was sent to serve her queen. There she soon raised in the ranks to become a Knight. But then she was elected to become the Golon the protector of Kkorbu.

But during the ritual to make her become the Golon something went wrong and she grew to a tremondous size. But she lacked the mind of the Golon. Enraged by her sudden growth spurt Julah destroyed the temple and was thus bannished from the city to the land of the giants.

There was able to defend herself from the other giants and she eventually became their leader. She also manifested an equally large suit of armour and a horse and she terrorized the city for turning her into what she called "A freak".

But eventually Julah discovered Flash Gordon and she immediately fell in love with him. He did not really return her love. But she did agree to help him save Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov from the Sabans in return for Flash staying with her.

Unfortunately he escaped through no will of his own. After rescuing him he wanted to go back to save Dale. But he was captured and Julah was forced to surrender to the Saban queen.

Dr. Zarkov was able to reverse the ritual and Julah was returned to her normal size. But it didn't last long because a priest performed the ritual again but this time to perfection. Julah was reverted to the Golon but this time her mind had altered. She no longer loved Flash Gordon but she did help him escape from the Saban's as a final act of her former love.

Her activities since are unknown.

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