Janda is a character seen in the third Flash Gordon film serial, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940).

Janda is a scientist working for Ming the Merciless in his laboratories on the planet Mongo. Unlike some scientists who are employed there as unwilling slaves, Janda appears to work willingly. Even though Ming is satisfied with the performance of his Death Dust, Janda sees further potential in the project and develops a new strain that exclusively attacks intelligent people, while leaving individuals of lower intellect unharmed. Such a concept could be of benefit only to a ruthlessly aggressive ruler such as Ming, so it must be assumed that Janda is fully supportive of Ming's desire to subjugate all other races.

Janda's origins are not clear. He may be from Mongo, or he may be one of the many alien scientists Ming brought there especially to work for him. Although clearly a man of some intellect, Janda's wide-eyed enthusiasm for such nefarious ideas suggests he is completely unbalanced.

Ming offered to reward Janda. His fate is unknown. When Dr. Hans Zarkov is later put to work in Ming's laboratories, Janda is nowhere to be seen, but then neither are the other numerous scientific minds Ming has supposedly gathered.

Janda was played by the actor Earl Dwire, who would sadly not live to see the serial released. He died in January 1940 at the age of 56 shortly after filming his scenes.

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