Played by:
Bobbie Brown


Hedonia as she appears in the 1980 film


Hedonia (although her name is not mentioned in the 1980 film), is the main serving woman in Ming the Merciless's harem and possibly one of his concubines or lead concubine. She is first seen in the film, when she enters the harem and has a green drink in a pitcher on a golden tray, which she pours in matching cup to give to Dale Arden. At first Dale is skeptical about drinking it, but does so after Hedonia says, "Many brave men died to bring it here from the the galaxy of pleasure." Hedonia also explains that the drink won't make her forget but it will make her not mind remembering, while really its effects are to either knock her out or make her oblivious to what is going around until after Ming has his way with her. Hedonia is later seen for a final time when she tells Dale that her joyus day has come and she is to be prepared for her wedding, however, in this scene, Hedonia appears rather hostile towards Dale. It is unknown if its because Ming is marrying Dale so quickly after not even bedding her and Hedonia has an attachment to Ming or if it is because she is loyal to Ming and will doing everything in her power to please him and got scolded for Dale's escape or both.



  • "Drink this?" - Hedonia to Dale Arden
  • "What is it?" - Dale to Hedonia
  • "It has no name, many brave men died to bring it here from the galaxy of pleasure. It will make your nights with Ming more agreeable." - Hedonia to Dale
  • "Will it make me forget?" - Dale to Hedonia
  • "No...but it will make you not mind remembering." - Hedonia to Dale
  • "Wow...this isn't bad at all." - Dale to Hedonia
  • "A guard will take you to the waiting room." - Hedonia to Princess Aura
  • "Your joyus time has come. Follow us? You are to be prepared for your wedding." - Hedonia to Dale


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