The Great God Tao is a deity worshipped on Mongo, by the Lion Men and the people who serve Ming the Merciless. ("On the Planet Mongo") ("Chapter 102: The Tunnel of Terror")

The leader of the religion is the High Priest.

Tao's temple is a holy site, off limits to visitors. It is accessible only through the Tunnel of Terror, which is guarded by the sacred Fire dragon. ("Chapter 109: Fighting the Fire Dragon")

The Holy Writ of Tao

Tao's holy laws include a number of strange practices, including:

  • A traitor may choose between death by firing squad, or "the two terrible tests": fighting on a platform suspended over an Octosak filled water tank, and battling three Tigrons. A traitor who has survived the tests can not be killed. ("The Monsters of Mongo")



The traitor's option.


The idol of the Great God Tao.


Lon Poff as the High Priest.


Theodore Lorch as the High Priest.

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