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The Forest People inhabit the planet Mars. As might be expected from their name, they inhabit the Forest Kingdom, a rather barren landscape thick with giant trees. The Forest People have adapted to this environment, being able climbers and tunneling into and under the trees to create caverns in which they live.

They are generally short in height with bushy black hair, but generally humanoid in appearance. They dress in simple garments, often with their limbs uncovered.

They employ various types of weaponry including fire arrows, daggers and deadly rays fired from special instruments positioned in tree tops. They also have a device in their Signal Tree which can transmit messages over long distances, acting like an Aldis Lamp. They have no knowledge of photography.

The Forest People worship the god Kalu. Those who transgress Kalu's laws may be drugged with the Incense of Forgetfulness and made to swear to Kalu that they will atone for their sins.

The Forest People have a mixed reputation. The Clay People believe them to be strange but honest people. Queen Azura, however, knows them as the most savage nation on Mars, and that those who enter the Forest Kingdom never return. Azura's opinion may be tainted since the Forest People were immune from her magic power, owing to their possession of the sacred black sapphire. Prince Barin of Mongo believed he could befriend the Forest People, but was proven wrong when they took him prisoner.

Ming the Merciless of Mongo somehow secured an alliance with the Forest People, who came to regard him as their master. Ming also knows the Forest People by an alternate name, the Fire People.

The leader of the Forest People is Turan, although Prince Barin later takes over their leadership following the collapse of Queen Azura's regime.

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