Wonderland Records, WLP 3001


Wonderland Records, WLP 3002


In 1979, Wonderland Records (a division of A. A. Records of New York City) released two newly-recorded albums of Flash Gordon adventures. The recordings were stereo, with extensive music and sound effects, and the production quality was comparable to the classic radio serials. Most of the stories take place in Mongo's icy kingdom of Frigia, with Queen Fria as a major character, and Count Malo as a rival to Flash.

Flash Gordon Volume 1

  • The Tyrant of Mongo (12:04)
  • In The Ice Kingdom (13:13)
  • Terror and Treachery (14:28)

Flash Gordon Volume 2

  • The Hairy Giants
  • In Search of the Glacier Monster
  • Fight to the Death


  • Carol Leslie
  • Michael Greer
  • Dyan Forest
  • Richard Goemann
  • Tom Cipolla
  • William Shust


  • Adapted by Charles Romine and Kay Tacouni
  • Produced by Ralph Stein
  • Recorded at JAC Recording, 1979
  • Albums conceived by Bob Goemann

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