Flash Gordon: The Greatest Adventure of All is an animated TV-movie produced by Filmation. The movie was produced before the 1979 Flash Gordon cartoon series, but wasn't aired until 1982.

The movie was written by Star Trek writer Samuel A. Peeples, and directed by Gwen Wetzler.

A fan website describes the plot:

The story begins with Flash seeking a friend in Warsaw, Poland, which is being systematically annihilated by Hitler's bombers. Flash's dying friend leaves him with a message for (then unknown to Flash) Zarkov: "Mongo". Flash takes a plane where he meets Dale Arden, who is trying to get an interview with Dr Zarkov. The plane is caught up a violent thunderstorm, which changes over to a devastating meteor shower, crushing one of the plane's engines. Flash and Dale bail out, but a meteor brushes their chute, sending the duo plummeting to the earth. A mysterious purple beam plucks them out of the stormy night and gently settles them onto the ground. They have to race for shelter, finding their goal: Zarkov, who rushes them into his rocketship, informing them that the meteor is no accident; it is in fact a precision attack against him. As his hideaway, they spirit away in his rocketship, swept towards Mongo and adventure.

When NBC saw the finished work, it was decided to turn the concept into a series. The original movie, which introduced the characters and brought Flash, Dale and Zarkov to Mongo, was held back until 1982. Therefore, the opening of the TV series as broadcast is rather abrupt -- the characters are all on Mongo, already engaged in adventures.


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