Produced by: Brentwood Home Video
Release Date: July 2006
Discs: 4
Region: 1


Flash Gordon: The Complete Series is a 4-disc box set of the 1979 cartoon "Flash Gordon (1979 cartoon)". The set includes all 24 episodes, and offers a large volume of bonus material, targeted towards fans as well as those interested into to delve deep into the Flash Gordon sagas, including:

  • Special commentaries by Lou Scheimer, executive producer; Darrel McNeil, assistant animator; Tom Ruegger, story editor and writer; and Michael Reeves, writer,
  • A documentary named "Blasting Off with Flash Gordon" that features interviews with creators and historians,
  • Audio commentary on three episodes,
  • Profiles of the character,
  • A number of trivia, tit bits, and fun facts,
  • Two collectible art cards,
  • An episode guide,
  • A gallery of original model sheets fro the main heroes and villains,
  • Scripts which are DVD-ROM accessible; storyboards; and series Bible, and
  • Defenders of the Earth Episode 1: "Escape From Mongo" as a bonus episode.

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