Dr. Metz (Lou Merrill) is a scientist with a brusque manner and a habit of keeping his hands in his coat pockets. He favors caution and scientific reasoning in his approach to all problems.

In the first chapter of the 1938 serial Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars, he receives a radio message that Flash Gordon and his companions are returning to Earth. However, he is reluctant to let "Happy" Hapgood deliver the message to the press, until he learns that Professor Osborne of Williams Observatory has confirmed sighting of Zarkov's rocket ship.

Later in the same chapter, Dr. Metz attends the meeting of the world's top scientists in Washington, D.C. to discuss the recent atmospheric disturbances. Metz alone refuses to offer an opinion, while simultaneously dismissing the theories of his fellows: "If the fate of our civilization rests upon the findings of this group, then I say it is definitely doomed."

After the earthly disasters and disturbances cease in "Chapter 209: Symbol of Death", as General Rankin motions for a dismissal of the meeting, Dr. Metz suggests that his colleagues would be in full agreement about "the source of our relief. I refer of course to Flash Gordon and the eminent Dr. Hans Zarkov."

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