Doctor Bono works for Ming the Merciless. When Flash Gordon is brought to Ming, weak and exhausted from a forced march through the desert, Ming orders Bono to nurse Flash back to health. Ming wants Flash to be fit enough to suffer further acts of revenge. ("The Outlaws of Mongo")

Bono takes care of Flash, and brings him back to full health. When a careless guard causes a short circuit in one of the doctor's machines, Flash rescues Bono from the charged wires. ("The Outlaws of Mongo")

Grateful, Bono helps Flash fake his death. Ming sends Flash to the electric chair, but Bono secretly gives Flash a pill that gives him the appearance of death. Once Flash is laid to rest in a crypt, Bono injects him with an antidote, bringing the Earthman back to life. ("The Outlaws of Mongo")

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