Count Malo is a noble of the icy kingdom of Frigia. He serves as the personal bodyguard of Queen Fria.

Queen Fria, like almost every woman on Mongo, takes an interest in the handsome Flash Gordon. Jealous, Count Malo tries to kill Flash 3 times, shooting him with an Ice gun dressing as a doctor and trying to stab him, and then quick-freezing the pool that Flash is swimming in.

On a hunting expedition, Flash saves Malo from being killed by a giant Ice worm. Malo confesses his crimes, and Flash forgives him. However, the hunting party is attacked by Giants, and Dale Arden, Malo, and Prince Ronal are carried away as slaves. Malo is frozen to death, and left standing in the icy wastelands as a warning to Flash and Fria. ("The Ice Kingdom of Mongo")

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