Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars

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Chapter 210: Incense of Forgetfulness Chapter 212: Ming the Merciless


The wounded Flash Gordon is rescued by Dr. Hans Zarkov, Prince Barin, and Happy Hapgood who rush to his assistance. They manage to get him safely away from the Temple of Kalu. Happy is incredulous that Dale Arden would have attacked Flash, but Zarkov tells him that she must be under some sort of hypnotic spell.

Turan, the leader of the Forest People, does not want the Earth people to escape. He gives orders for them to be killed on sight. He also has Ming informed of Dale's capture, via the Signal Tree.

Ming is impatiently overseeing repairs to the Nitron beam when word reaches him of the latest events in the Forest Kingdom. He orders troops out to bring Dale Arden to him, knowing that Flash Gordon will surely follow.

Zarkov treats Flash's wound. Luckily it is not serious, although rest is advised by the scientist. Flash insists that he cannot rest while Dale is a helpless captive, and they return to the Temple of Kalu. There they capture the High Priest of Kalu who refuses to assist them. However, Zarkov threatens him with the Incense of Forgetfulness, which he recognizes is actually the drug Lethium, and which must be what the Forest People used on Dale. The High Priest then reveals that Dale has been taken to Ming, and that Barin's rocket ship can be found at the Vale of Pines.

Reclaiming the rocket ship, Flash and friends fly back to Azura's kingdom. Under the cover of darkness, Flash and Zarkov jump down from the ship to the Power House using Bat wing suit. They enter the laboratory, little suspecting that Ming has anticipated their plan to prepare an antidote to cure Dale. When Zarkov prepares the antidote, something is clearly wrong with the mixture. It explodes.

Recap card

Dale, still under the magic / spell, is a prisoner in Queen / Azura's palace.

Flash and Zarkov, learning / this, secretly make their / way into the palace.

Ming confides to Azura that / he has prepared a trap for / the Earthmen.

Flash and Zarkov enter the / laboratory, seeking a means / of reviving Dale.


  • Unless Queen Azura's throne room is positioned in the Power House adjacent to the laboratory, which is surely unlikely, Ming somehow manages to be in 2 places at once, both at Azura's side as she sits on her throne, and spying on Flash and Zarkov's activities through a window looking into the lab.



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