Flash Gordon (serial)

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Chapter 111: In the Claws of the Tigron Chapter 113: Rocketing to Earth


Flash Gordon and Prince Barin arrive in the catacombs just as the Tigron jumps onto Dale Arden. Flash grabs the animal and wrestles with it, finally breaking its neck.

Barin finds Princess Aura, and asks her why she's trying to win Flash's affection by endangering the woman he loves. "I've won the friendship of the Earth people by helping them," he explains. "You should do the same." Aura has a sudden change of heart, and agrees to help them.

Aura, Barin, Flash and Dale return to the throne room, where Aura pleads with Ming to spare Flash's life. Barin declares his love for Aura, and she smiles.

Now that Flash has been located, Officer Torch orders the destruction of the invisibility machine. Soldiers smash the machine to pieces in front of a horrified Dr. Hans Zarkov.

Ming offers mercy to everyone, and says that he has no reason to delay the departure of the Earth people -- although Flash confides in Zarkov and King Vultan that he's not sure if Ming can be trusted.

Zarkov contacts Earth again, and reports the news to Lawrence Gordon and Professor Hensley. The friends decide to visit Vultan's kingdom before they leave Mongo. Barin prepares his rocket ship to take them there, and tells them all to meet him at the turret house near the Lake of Rocks. But Ming has ordered them all watched, and Officer Torch lurks in the shadows.

Zarkov contacts Prince Thun on the Spaceograph, and asks him to meet them at the Sky City.

The party hurries to the turret house. A rocket ship approaches, and they believe that it's Barin's ship -- but the ship opens fire on them all. The rocket's blasts cause a rock slide, and the opening to the turret is buried.


  • Barin's advice to Aura is identical to the advice she gave to Vultan in chapter 7.
  • After 11 episodes of scheming, Aura's character makes an about face and becomes a loyal friend. Barin chides her in the tunnel, and she decides that he's right. Barin tells Flash and Dale that she's promised, and they agree to trust her, even though it's only moments after her latest attempt on Dale's life. This is an even more pronounced 180-degree turn than the one that Vultan made in chapter 8.