Flash Gordon (serial)

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Chapter 110: The Unseen Peril Chapter 112: Trapped in the Turret


Terrified, Ming's guards scatter as Dr. Zarkov pulls a switch on his Light machine, and Flash vanishes into thin air. Zarkov reveals to Dale Arden and Prince Barin that he's made Flash invisible. Flash is eager to test out this new power.

Ming is furious that Flash escaped execution, and orders Officer Torch to find him and kill him. Suddenly, Ming appears to be choking, and they hear Flash's voice, warning them to keep away from his friends. The invisible Flash beats the guards around a little bit, then monkeys around with the soldiers guarding King Vultan's dungeon cell.

The High Priest warns Ming that this is a punishment from the Great God Tao. Outraged, Ming has the High Priest locked up.

Back in the laboratory, Zarkov gets more signals from Earth. He broadcasts back to Lawrence Gordon and Professor Hensley the news that Flash and Dale are on Mongo. The professors are thrilled to hear the news.

Princess Aura eavesdrops on the laboratory as Zarkov, Flash and Vultan prepare to carry fuel cells to their rocket ship. Barin realizes that they've been overheard, and hurries Dale into hiding in the catacombs. Aura rushes to Ming to report.

The invisibility wears off, and the now-visible Flash finds that Barin has hidden Dale. He and Barin rush to the catacombs as Zarkov and Vultan hold off Ming's guards.

Aura arranges for Dale to be hunted by a trained tigron, who follows her scent through the catacombs. The tigron finds Dale, and jumps up on her to attack.