Flash Gordon (serial)

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Chapter 103: Captured by Shark Men Chapter 105: The Destroying Ray


Dale Arden faints as she watches Flash Gordon struggling for his life with an enormous octosak. Princess Aura and Prince Thun arrive just in time. Aura holds King Kala at gunpoint, and orders him to drain the water from the tank. She opens the tank, and rescues Flash.

Back at Ming's palace, Dr. Hans Zarkov uses the laboratory equipment to signal to Earth. Lawrence Gordon and Professor Hensley receive the signals, and try to decipher them.

Ming enters, and Zarkov learns that Flash and Dale are at Kala's city, which is being held underwater by magnets controlled from Ming's lab.

As Flash fights with a Shark Men guard, Aura uses her ray gun to destroy the control mechanism that supplies the palace with air and keeps water out. She plans to escape with Flash, leaving Dale and Thun behind. Flash runs off to save his friends as water rushes into the palace.

At Ming's palace, Ming and Zarkov see on the Spaceograph that Kala's palace is crumbling. Zarkov asks if there's anything they can do to help.

Flash and Aura reach Dale and Thun, just as the main seal breaks and their chamber is flooded as the sea rushes in to claim them.

Recap card

Leaving Dale with Thun, who/was guarding King Kala in/the throne room, Princess Aura/released Flash from the tank/and then attempted to deceive/Flash into believing Thun/and Dale had escaped and/preceded them to Ming's palace.//

But when the vengeful Aura/deliberately destroyed the/control board which by magnetic/attraction kept Kala's palace/safe under water--controlling the/air supply and water pressure--/Flash, suspicious, rushed to the/throne room to satisfy himself of/the safety of Dale and Thun and...